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Our staff handpicked a selection of highly performing boards for your riding pleasure.

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Our divine Wheels

Wheels that will take you from a smooth city cruise to an adrenaline driven speed rush. With a wide range of high quality wheels, select the size and density that will take your board to another level. On a endless quest to push the limits of our sport, we now offer Superthane wheels for a harder ride.


Experience a divine ride

Our Rocksteady series

Ride through the obstacles of your campus or city streets on one of our Rocksteady boards. Designed by our engineers and skaters, it rocks a mellow concave augmented by molded wheel-wells and kicktail for some fun. The easy-to-maneuver tail helps jump curbs and take sharper turns.


Get cruisin’

Promoting local materials, riders, artists and striving to be environmentally friendly have been the guidelines throughout our creative process. Our boards are made with 100% hard Canadian Maple and entirely designed and manufactured in North America.

When it comes to the quality of our graphics, compromise is never an option. Hence, all our designs are done through various artist collaborations, setting a new standard for the industry.

Performance-wise, our boards are designed through extensive testing on and off the race track. Our riders and engineers work together to improve and innovate in a search to continuously push the limits of our sport.

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