How to customize your longboard grip tape

In Blog - 09/09/2017

Are you into death metal, Pokémon, ramen or Internet kittens? Well, whatever it is you can have it printed on your skateboard or longboard grip tape. To enjoy your own artwork, just select the custom grip tape item and click on customize! Now its time to express who you are. These grip prints can also be a great gift for that special skater in your life. Grip tape needs to be replaced periodically and this is a great way to make that board look unique.


Add a background image from our library of graphics or add colors, fades and patterns. The best part is that you can also add your own pictures by uploading them from your computer. Just make sure the images used are large format and of decent resolution. We suggest using images that are at least 3000px by 3000px for optimal resolution. If the preview on screen is blurry, it will almost definitely be blurry on a full-size grip. If you are using a picture taken from a recent smartphone, no problem! They generate files of good quality. Just beware of low quality images found on google! If you do use google images, use the tool feature and sort images by sizes and use the ‘’larger than 4MP’.


Then adjust the image exactly how you want them. You can place, rotate, resize and even add cool effects to your images. Don’t forget, you can also add texts with different fonts or even monograms. Play around, be creative and remember that you don’t need to be a photoshop master to make a cool design with all the easy features built into our customizer. If you need some inspiration, you can visit our staff pick section for awesome design made from previous satisfied customers.

Quick tip: When you create your design don’t forget to consider the shape of the board you want to put the graphic on. You do not want critical items to be cut off so we suggest having important design elements and lettering placed in the center of the grip.

3. Wheels

A key development in the history of longboard evolution are the changes that have been made to wheels. In the earliest days of skateboarding and longboarding, teens would typically take metal wheels from their roller skates and attach them to the bottom of the board. However, these wheels were notoriously unstable, greatly increasing riders’ risk of a dangerous accident. Some riders began using clay wheels as a safer substitute, but it wasn’t until the introduction of urethane wheels in the 1970s that ride quality and safety were able to dramatically improve. The faster and stronger urethane wheels led to a major rise in the popularity of longboarding.


We will then print it and sent it to you in a shipping tube for you to enjoy! If you choose to purchase a board from our selections of fine products, we can even put in on for you! Better yet do the same process and custom your own board graphic. Note that It will take between 3-8 days for your order to ship out.