Top features of riding a drop through longboard

In Blog - 06/06/2017

There are many longboard varieties on the market today, but few can compare with a drop through longboard. This board has become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more riders recognize the benefits of using a board with a low center of gravity.

Drop through longboards stand out from higher mounts in part thanks to their unique construction. Lighter and more flexible, trucks are mounted through the board for to bring you closer to the ground.

Of course, a different design doesn’t just translate to a unique appearance — it also impacts your ride. So what are the top features of riding a drop through longboard? Here are some of the ways that this board style can benefit your riding experience:


By lowering your center of gravity, the most immediate benefit of using a drop through longboard is its improved stability. This stability carries over in any situation, even high-speed downhill racing, as a more stable platform ensures that you won’t wobble while traveling at high speeds. While this does somewhat limit your ability to make sharp turns, the improved stability makes a drop through longboard an excellent choice for beginning riders who prioritize balance and control.


Sliding is a popular technique for achieving a quick stop while longboarding, and a drop through longboard makes sliding that much easier. Essentially, this occurs because the lower board height is less likely to tip down during a slide. This makes it easier to maintain your balance during a slide, while also ensuring that you don’t have to work as hard to come to a safe stop. With a drop through longboard, it’s also easier to initiate a slide in the first place.


The lower height provided by a drop through longboard also makes it an ideal option for pushing. With less distance between the deck and the ground, your body won’t have to work as hard to kick out for a push. This also makes it easier to perform a footbrake. As a result, you won’t need to use as much energy when cruising or commuting over longer distances.


Depending on your preferred riding style, the added drift of a drop through longboard can also be a major advantage. While this isn’t the best for technical maneuvering, which requires extremely sharp turns, the added drift is a great bonus for freeride enthusiasts and others who wish to maintain a controlled speed while going through a turn. A drop through longboard is ideal for both drifting and pre-drifting.


Many of the attributes of a drop through longboard makes this style a safe riding option, especially for those who are just learning the tricks of the trade. Improved stability lowers the risk for falls and other mishaps, while the ease of entering into and controlling a slide makes it easier to stop and avoid potentially dangerous situations. By allowing greater control over one’s ride, a drop through longboard can help prevent accidents and injuries.

Wheel Cutouts

One often overlooked feature of a drop through longboard is that many decks come with wheel cutouts to accommodate for the lower deck. This is more than just a stylistic choice — it also enables riders to equip larger wheels to their board, offering greater opportunities for customizing their ride. Better yet, larger wheels can further improve stability, while also helping you get more distance out of each push.


With increased stability that also lends to improvements in sliding, pushing, drifting, and safety, a drop through longboard is a versatile option that is perfect for beginning and veteran riders alike. If you’re planning on purchasing a longboard in the near future, this style is well worth your consideration.