3 Easy steps to build your board

Step 1:

Pick your Deck

Carve / Cruise
Downhill / Freeride
Short boards

Step 2:

Pick your grip

Step 3:

Make it a complete

Create your unique board design online

Are you into death metal, Pokémon, ramen, modern art or Internet kittens? Well, whatever it is you can have it printed on your skateboard, longboard or even grip tape. To enjoy your own artwork, just select the board you desire and click on customize! Now it’s time to show off your own colors.
Add a background, an image from our library, colors, fades and patterns. Not satisfied with the premade options? No problem, you can add your own pictures by uploading them from your computer or cell phone. Just make sure the images used are a large format and of decent resolution. Then adjust the image exactly how you want it. You can place, rotate, resize and even add cool effects to your images. Don’t forget, you can also add texts with different fonts or even monograms. Play around, be creative and remember that you don’t need to be a photoshop master to make a cool design with all the easy features built into our customizer.

Quick tip: When you create your grip tape design don’t forget to consider the shape of the board you want to put the graphic on. You do not want critical items to be cut off, so we suggest having important design elements and lettering placed in the center of the grip

High-resolution and abrasion resistant finish

We will print your custom board at 300dpi resolution for a high-resolution print. With our unique in-house printing process, the ink pigments that make up your awesome design are embedded deep into a white high density top layer substrate. The result is a highly durable yet vibrant finish. Unlike other manufacturers who simply slap the ink on top of the varnish, our abrasion resistant finish won’t simply come off by rubbing it with your thumb or with the first contact on cement or rails. The design you work so hard to create will be able to take some serious abuse.

Proudly made in North-America

Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in North America. We promote the use of local materials and strive to be environmentally friendly. Our boards are made with 100% hard Canadian Maple. For completes, we use quality components like Jessup grip tape, Paris trucks and Divine wheels.

Production delays

It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for custom boards and 3 to 8 business days for any orders containing a custom grip tape, unless otherwise specified.


Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipment confirmation with a tracking number which you can use to track your shipment on the UPS website. We do NOT ship to PO Box addresses.