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  • FishBowl 38 deck

    FishBowl 38 Longboard Deck

  • NKD deck

    NKD Longboard Deck

  • WIM deck

    WIM Longboard Deck

  • NKD Advanced Deck Longboard-0

    NKD Advanced Deck Longboard

  • B52 deck

    B52 Longboard Deck

    Rated 4.50 out of 5
  • Mantis deck

    Mantis Longboard Deck


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Downhill longboard online

Downhill racing is about being the first person to the bottom of the hill. It’s all about speed, skill and precision. You need a deck that is stable at high speeds with little to no flex. Drop-through, drop-platform, and top-mount longboards are common to downhill skateboarding. Discover all our downhill longboard styles and shop online.