Vitality Series

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  • Splinter 40 deck

    Splinter40 FiberLam Longboard Deck

  • Splinter40 FiberLam Crest Deck Longboard-0

    Splinter40 FiberLam Crest Deck Longboard

  • Splinter 38 deck

    Splinter38 FiberLam Owl Longboard Deck

  • Shredder Deck

    Shredder FiberLam Longboard Deck


Showing all 4 results


Riders everywhere know: boards with good flex are the most fun! This is the heart of our Vitality Series. We’ve solved the construction challenge involved in making a strong, lightweight and flexible board by sandwiching a hard maple core between layers of heat-cured fiberglass. Created to stand up to the test of time and demanding riders, these have been our top-selling boards since we’ve started making them, and no wonder.