FishBowl 38 Longboard Deck


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Freeride Freestyle Downhill




The Restless FishBowl 38 Beast is our best all-around longboard. Perfect for freeride, fast-freeride and downhill. It was designed with the help of our rider Jeremy LeChatelier. It has all the features you will ever need. First, you have a deep bowl concave, combined with a micro-drop, it locks you in perfectly for high-speed slides or downhill. There’s also huge kicks on the twin-tip topmount shape and deep wheel-wells. Made with 8 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and finished with with a smooth printed sheet, it’s a light deck, but stays stiff. So, if you want to do everything with one board, get on the FishBowl. You’ll rock that board everywhere you go!

Wheelbase: 27
Length: 39
Width: 9.33
Flex: Medium
Concave: Deep
Construction: Maple-Composite
Rider Type: Progressing, Seasoned
Properties: Micro Drop, Top Mount, Twin-tip, Kicktail, Wheel-wells