NKD Advanced Deck Longboard


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Downhill Freeride



The Restless NKD is the ultimate downhill deck. Design, tested and approved by Nicolas Desmarais. It has everything a serious rider needs; progressive concave, molded wheel-wells, w-concave at the back and micro-drop for perfectly locked feet, stiff in torsion and a little bit of flex. We also cut deep wheel-wells in order to accommodate even the lowest setups. Finally, this 35 inch long topmount deck has many wheel-base options, 25 inch to 28 inch, so the setup can be made perfect for every type of run. . Made with 8 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and finished with with a smooth printed sheet, it is a light deck, but stays stiff. If you want to tame your speed demon, give the NKD a run for its money.

Wheelbase: 26" - 28
Length: 35
Width: 9.5
Flex: Stiff
Concave: Deep
Construction: Out Of This World
Rider Type: Seasoned
Properties: Micro Drop, Top Mount, 3D Wheel-wells, W-Concave, Wheel-wells, Variable wheel-base