Splinter 40 Wood Deck Longboard


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Cruise Commute Freestyle




The Restless Splinter 40 is the longest of our best-seller Splinter series. That longboard was made to be polyvalent with its many features. We made it out of 8 plys of Hard Canadian Maple for a stiff deck. Like all the Splinters, the 40 is a drop-through board to give you a lower center of gravity, which means easier slides and less fatigue on the legs on those long summer cruises. The shape maximizes the space for your feet while enabling enough room for the wheels. The twin-tip shape and double kicks makes this board more versatile. It’s a simple and time-tested design that appeals to all types of riders. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, the Splinter series has what you need for cruising, sliding, freestyle, freeride and even some mellow downhill.

Wheelbase: 24.5
Length: 40
Width: 9.75
Flex: Medium
Concave: Medium
Construction: Maple
Rider Type: Recreational, Progressing
Properties: Drop-through, Twin-tip, Kicktail


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