Cat Art Custom Mini Magnum Longboard


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This is a DECK ONLY. To add trucks and wheels, add the Make it a Complete product to your cart.

Cruise Carve Commute




The cultural depiction of cats and their relationship to humans is as old as civilization and stretches back over 9,500 years. Cats have figured in the history of many nations, are the subject of legend and are a favorite subject of artists and writers.

The Restless Mini Magnum is a short pintail tailored for agile cruising. It’s made from 7 plys of Hard Canadian Maple. The mellow concave and short wheelbase makes this longboard fun to ride in the city and on cruises. If you want a nice board for cruising and carving, the Mini Magnum is for you!

Wheelbase: 24.75
Length: 36
Width: 8.75
Flex: Medium
Concave: Mellow
Construction: Maple
Rider Type: Recreational
Properties: Top Mount, Pintail, Wheel-wells


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